What are K-pop Kozmos' shipping options? + Shipping FAQs

All K-pop Kozmos shoppers automatically receive free priority shipping on every order no matter where you live. Items ordered with our free priority shipping should receive their item within our specific time frame provided below.

We ship to 50+ countries. Please refer below for our estimated shipping times. Please note that in rare circumstances it could take more (add 1-7 business day for order processing/verifying payment). Rest assured that if your item is not delivered within the estimated time frame + 10 days for shipping delays, processing time, we will immediately refund you!

USA – 7-20 business days via USPS.

Canada, Mexico – 10-30 business days

Russian Federation – 7-23 business days.

Brazil – 10-35 business days.

Most of South America – 10-50 business days.

Most of Europe – 10-40 business days.

Most of Asia – 10-50 business days.

Most of Middle East – 10-50 business days.

Most of Africa – Please contact us before placing order.

While sometimes it can be much faster – orders have seen 4-day arrival times - it’s safer to stay on the longer side. Please also note that in some cases shipping may take more the our estimated time frame.

Other Shipping FAQs

1. Where do you ship from?

We have two locations, one warehouse located in Rohnert Park, California and our main manufacturing center located in China. Whichever location has your product in stock is the one that we use.

2. My order hasn’t arrived after your guaranteed time frame?

If your order hasn’t arrived within our guaranteed time frame, please contact us immediately and we’ll take a look!

3. How do I track my order?

Once we provide you with the tracking number, you will be able to check the order status on our Order Status page:

https://www.kpopkozmos.com/apps/trackorder (For all other orders)

https://www.btsarmyusa.com/apps/trackorder (For BTS Army orders)



4. Why is my tracking number showing as invalid?

As mentioned, the tracking number usually is sent out within 1-7 business days after you place your order. Though rare, there is a possibility of your order being delayed by the courier, but most of the time the courier just hasn’t updated their shipment status.

5. What if I entered wrong address and/or want to change it?

Please contact us immediately if you’d like either entered the wrong mailing address or would like to change it. After 12 hours we will be unable to change it.

6. If Customs duties are incurred, who is responsible for them?

Being charged by Customs is very rare, 1/10000 orders, however we are not responsible for any Customs fees. Customs is a governmental agency responsible for regulating the shipments entering a specific country or region. All shipments being sent to or from country to country must clear Customs first. It is always the buyer's responsibility to clear customs and pay the relevant Customs duties.

7. I have only received part of my shipment, where is the rest?

To get you the fastest shipping possible, we often ship orders with multiple items apart. We provide separate tracking numbers if your order with multiple items is sent apart. If you'd like to know the order status of your other items, please contact us!

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