We want to make buying your favorite K-Pop apparel fast, easy and convenient. So when it comes time to make your K-pop Kozmos purchase, you can use any of these payment options:

1. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

2. PayPal

3. Apple Pay

4. K-pop Kozmos Gift Cards

K-pop Kozmos registered accounts can save multiple payment methods. Having a PayPal, Apple Pay or Shopify account helps speed the process too.

Payment FAQs

  1. Can I pay with a credit card issued outside of the US?

Yes, credit cards issued by banks from select countries and regions can be used on your KpopKozmos.com order as long as you have a US shipping address. Choose from available countries in the Payment section during checkout.

  1. Can I split my payment between multiple credit cards?

You can only use one credit/debit card per order, but you can combine a gift card payment with a credit card payment.

  1. Can I pay with more than one gift card?

Yes, you can use up to three gift cards on a order.